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Group Coding Sessions

A continuous practice group, where we apply Test Driven Design/Development and good coding practices
and learn about software design
while Ensemble coding on Katas and practice applications

Who Folk who identify as women. We also welcome non-binary folks.

When We run a 4 weekly cycle:
Week 1: 17h30-19:30 (optional learning session in first 30mins)
Week 2: 18h00-19:30
Week 3: 18h00-19:30
Week 4: break - no session

Where Online - Zoom & Slack - Join from anywhere!

Sign up: click here We add new sign-ups every quarter. You'll be notified in a few weeks with your start date. If you can't start then, we'll organise an alternative date.

We always need mentors. Would you like to share your skills and experience with the next generation of coders? We are looking for folks with experience in TDD / Ensemble Programming & our current languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C++, Swift.
Join us as a Mentor or Special Guest: click here
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How we work Multiple teams come together and work on either katas or applications of their own design. Team size is 2-5 (max 6 with a mentor).
Every member works on the codebase (and hence same language) at the same time.
The role of the Typist (the person writing the code) is rotated throughout the session while the rest of the team perform the Navigator role.
The first day of the cycle is learning day. Some examples of things we've covered include: Good coding and good testing practices, Functional vs OO programming, & design patterns.

Reasons to join You want to practice a new coding language with other women also learning that language.
You'd like to learn Test Driven Development/Design.
You want to dedicate time to katas.
You want to try out things you can't do at work
You're keen to try ensemble coding (mobbing).
You want to meet more women developers.
You want to gain experience working in a team (good for self-learners).
You enjoy talking about coding with other people.
How often do I need to attend? We suggest aiming for at least a 50% ratio out of the 4 weeks.
Having consistent attendance helps the team but life happens.
We understand that you'll need to do other things on Wednesdays.
Also, we recommend that if you have taken leave from work then you should take leave from the group too and enjoy your break.

I know nothing about TDD or Ensemble coding, can I still join? Definitely! We'll start right at the beginning.

I'm already experienced - how can I participate? You can join as a mentor or you can help build our digital garden. See details below.

What do I need to know before attending? You'll need to know the basics of at least of one programming language before attending - that's it! The basics include: Setting up a project, basic syntax, variables, primitive types, loops and functions
image of some people in the group
Picture of Charlotte - Digital Garden tech lead

LoC Digital Garden

A ‘digital garden’ is a catalogue of exploratory ideas which will be refined and grow overtime. We're building one for the LoC community to share things we learn. We're currently looking for experienced developers to help us start it. If you fit the below requirements, please do join us!
  1. Knowledge of at least one of: TypeScript,/ JavaScript, Vue, or Nuxt
  2. Have done TDD before
  3. Comfortable to collaborate on a ‘real world’ application
  4. Able to collaborating synchronously (to begin with) during the Wednesday LoC group coding sessions

You can sign up here as a Founding Contributor

Charlotte Fereday - Tech Lead - LoC Digital Garden

Charlotte is an an academic turned Engineer who aspires to make a positive social impact through technology.
More here:

If you'd be keen to work directly with a group to help them improve, see next panel.


If you're an experienced TDD-er and you'd like to work directly with a group you can sign up here
We like our mentors to join us at least once a month, for as many months as they'd like. If you'd like to present something to the group about TDD or Ensemble coding, join us a Special Guest

Abena Adu-Offeh

Abena is our friendly Discord community moderator.
Image of Abena - our Discord moderator
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Testimonial from Elisa Evans

I'm so thankful for the weekly sessions. I took up Python during the pandemic to learn a new skill and hopefully transition career.
Self-learning is always tough but even more so under lockdown.
The Zoom sessions are great way to learn from each other, network and support each other as we all have stories to share.
As the tech industry is so male-dominated it may be an intimidating prospect for a female newbie to enter on their own.
I was particularly drawn to LoC because it's much easier to survive the jungle if you have a tribe who can relate to you.
I've been overwhelmed by the kindness and support LoC offers, they give up considerable time and energy to help us on our journeys.

Testimonial from Isabel Costa

I’ve joined the group sessions since the beginning of 2021. I’ve been learning about Ensemble/Mob programming and Test-driven development (TDD). I was not used to writing tests before feature code, and I feel it’s a very interesting way of working, that puts me in a different problem-solving space. I do at times incorporate a little bit of TDD into my day-to-day work.
In almost every session, I learn a new functionality in python language, from practicing Katas (also a first for me). I also learn from sessions dedicated to discussing specific topics, such as Dependency Injection, different programming paradigms, and TDD. These often include quizzes. It’s also great to get to know people from different backgrounds all coming together to learn and upskill themselves.
This is an amazing initiative, with a super friendly and welcoming environment, that I recommend especially for newcomers to the industry!

picture of the group